Spiritual Consultation Services in Los Angeles

Phone Sessions

Iya Adunni Falade

Most of my sessions are done over the phone. You can call me or I can call you when you schedule ahead. Whether you're in Canada, North America or any where in the world. We can address your concerns and answer any pertinent questions should you have any. Have your pen and paper handy to take notes.

Fee: $75 USD One Hour Session

Fee: $150 USD Two Hour Session


Email Readings Request

Email Readings are a great option also. We will offer for a short period of time. The information, should prove valuable to you will include formulas, how to techniques relating to your area of concern.   In this case I am very happy to provide you with a detailed description addressing your concerns. and some solutions you can even do yourself.   Please call email or call for the details. and I will inform you on what is needed and how you should to proceed.


Thank you!   

Fee:  $150 USD 


Questions Only Sessions

Don't want a full reading?  No worries on Tuesdays & Thursdays 

9AM to 6PM

By phone appointment we consult and  answer your Special questions of concerns in a 

Spiritual Consultation


(Five to Ten Questions Allowed)

Fee: $45.00 USD  

Four Questions Only


Phone Sessions


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

$75 USD  1 hour Phone Session

$150 USD  2 Hour Phone Session

Thank you

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Iya Adunni Falade (661)480-9730

Sending healing vibrations of Divine Compassion and Divine Love to ALL. Feel comfortable to call no one is turned away. Sometimes same day appointments are available during our normal business hours...........With Peace and Love.......  

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