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Awo Gbenga Adesina Fagbenro

Baba Fagbenro was born into this Culture and Tradition. He was groomed since birth. He has been prepared all his life to serve the people. Baba Fagbenro, has well over 35 years of daily intense training, initiations, rites-of-passages, under his father the late,

Oluwo  Fatai  Sesan Fagbenro a holy man and was the Eldest Elder of his Village. Baba Fatai Sesan Fagbreno has many initiates around the globe.  They gathered by the thousands to salute this well deserved Elder with the highest respect.  These ceremonies went on for months in his honor.  And in the changing of the guard so to speak.   

Baba Gbenga Adesina Fagbenro now, Heads the Egungun Society in Abeokute, Ogun State, Nigeria.  They honor and have much love, support and respect for Baba Fagbenro, because they love, honor and respect his father. Olodumare and the Egungun brought him here at this time, entrusted to him with the Ase to continue his families legacy. 

Under the Guidace of his father from birth Baba Fagbenro he now serves the people in confidence. We share a passion for helping others along their journey's in life. Baba Fagbenro and The Fagbenro Family work tirelessly each month behinds the scenes of each of The Festivals held, in Abeokute. The Egungun Festivals, The Yemoja Festivals, and so many more. Through out the year, people gather in groups from all around the world just to partake in these Colorful, Festive, Powerful, Spirited and Revitalizing events.  All who attend receive soul purifications collectively like never before felt.  Many have revisit later answering to a spiritual calling seeking more information.  Initiates of the Fagbenro House spread around the world, Cuba, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, South America, North America, fly inn to apprentice in the Fagbenro House. Ifa, Orisa, the Egungun and more. Always eager to serve. Blessed, Purified, Charges, and Revitalized is how every one departs.Under the Grace of Olodumare and the Egungun.  Register your email to receive  personal invites to Events and Newsletters.  Always a pleasure.  

Iya Adunni Falade Fagbenro

Iya Adunni  has well over 25 years of experience in the Culture as well. She is always delighted in learning more and sharing her knowlwdge with others. Iya Adunni takes an empathetic approach towards the lay individuals who struggle with understanding it. She is always reminded of how she felt when she was new to the Culture and Tradition.  As an initiate to The Yoruba Goddess Osun she makes it  her mission is to bridge that gap by sharing common little things that prove so valuable to a new person. She understands the true value in communications. She finds the value in re-introducing Culture and Tradition in a natural and easy format. Her clients  love the easy flow of revitalizing information, they find it self awakening and gratifying.  Our service at The Daughters of Osun includes a comprehensive consultation that identifies any presence of negative energies present or blockages that impede your progress for success. We  clear, remove and open your     opportunities for blessings to flow again. We are honest with you, and give you options.  Some things you can do for yourself with guidance. When it calls for intervention from us we are always here to help you.  

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday  9am - 9pm. PST

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