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Iya Adunni Falade

Iya Adunni is an Osun Priestess with over 25 years of experience and still considers herself a student toward her journey. She is always delighted in learning and sharing her knowledge with others. Iya Adunni takes an empathic approach to individuals who struggle with understanding traditional and cultural practices and value. She is always reminded how she felt when she was first re-introduced to its practices also.  

As an initiated Daughter to The Yoruba Goddess Osun, Iya Adunni makes it her mission to bridge that gap by sharing her experience and acquired understanding of it with others. The common automatic little things that awakens in one's consciousness later proves to be a valuable, link that links us to our Ancestors and Culture practiced in our Traditions, unknown to us.  She understands empathetically the transitioning path and value gained after grasping and accepting one's true identity and purpose in life.  She also, recognizes the struggles along the journey of that acceptance. This is the process of reintroduction and inner growth. Being Constantly reminded of the Transitional Phase of the Spiritual awakening process is the art of being blessed. This journey is a conscious or unconscious choice we make or choose not to make but it happens.  

We, The Daughters of Osun, are here to assist, share and utilize the gifts, we entrusted and blessed by Olodumare God, to receive for the sole purpose, is to help others under the siege of their unconscious thought and action predicament. We simply assist and help those challenged from rejecting the learning process and overcome by the consequences of choices made of their own doings. 

We share Culture and Traditional practices and concepts in a Natural Organic and easy to path format. With each Spiritual Consult and, Spiritual Cleanse also, promotes and, stimulates self awareness, Spiritual growth and Spiritual well being.   Her clients love and enjoy the easy flow of revitalizing information, they find the self awakening and quality equally gratifying.  

Our services at The Daughters of Osun Center includes a quality comprehensive consultation that identifies any presence of negative energies present or blockages that impede progress for success.  We  assist, clear, remove and open your paths to opportunities with blessings  that defy all imagination.  If you don't get exactly what you want you are limited in your request. You are guaranteed unconditional reward if you are open to receive blessings without limitations.  This is when we need to expand spirit beyond our own fixed limited preceptions.

We are honest with you, and give you options.  Some things you can do for yourself with guidance. When it calls for intervention from us we are always here to assist and guide you.  

Must be a responsible adult 18 years and older, callers are reminded this is for adult entertainment purposes only.

Monday through Friday  

9am - 6pm. PST


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